There were over two million trucking jobs in 2021, with a projected 4% growth by 2031. It is also simple to make a career switch to become a truck driver with minimal requirements like a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a high school diploma.

However, if you have experience, finding established trucking companies to work for does have its advantages.

Learn the five benefits of picking the right trucking employer here.


1. Flexible Schedules


A truck company that hires reliable truckers with a few years of trucking experience under their belt will allow a lot of flexibility. You will be able to create your own work schedule, including picking your destinations and driving distance limitations.

You may also choose to work longer hours in exchange for more time off.


2. Lease to Own Your Truck


A truck driver always dreams of owning their own truck. However, a new freight semi-truck can cost between $125,000 to $160,000. Luckily, if you work for an established company like Morris Trucking, you may have the opportunity to own your truck through a lease-to-purchase program.

Owning your truck makes creating your schedule easier, earning more money, and even starting your own business.


3. Become Your Own Boss


Starting your own trucking business is possible after working with a reputable company. You will get to know how the business operates, make connections, and own your truck through a lease-to-own program.

Even if you don’t start your own business, you are alone on the open road as a truck driver. This means that you have to make decisions and be your own boss. Responsibility like this is reserved for qualified truck drivers, but with it comes great independence.


4. Continuous Work Opportunities


There will always be a need for a trucking service whenever goods need to be transported. When trucks are necessary for most businesses that sell products, you are guaranteed to always have work.

When you work for major trucking companies like Morris Trucking, your opportunities to work are continuous as you are part of other businesses’ logistics services. Because you are an essential component in the supply chain, you can work as much as you desire. This means your earning potential is also limitless.


5. Explore New Places


One of the best reasons to work as a trucker and for a national trucking chain is the ability to travel. You can choose to make shipments all over the country and get to explore local areas.

Unlike traveling on an airplane, road travel allows you to witness the scenery of the country and even meet people along the way.


Applying for Jobs With Trucking Companies


Now that you know the benefits of working at established trucking companies, you need to apply for a job. Before applying, ensure you meet the requirements, like having a CDL and a high school diploma. Having commercial driving or trucking experience will also help you qualify for the job.

Next, apply for a trucking job at Morris Trucking to get started on your career.