Are you thinking about using LTL services for your manufacturing company? Are you a currently licensed truck driver, and want to know more about what LTL shipping is? If either of these applies to you, then you’ve found the perfect article.

If you’re a manufacturer, LTL services can save you from having to wait until you’ve got a huge amount of product to ship. They let you ship in relatively small quantities, which might translate into getting paid sooner.

If you’re a licensed CDL driver, getting familiar with how LTL works will pay off in terms of knowing the job overall.

Here’s an overview of LTL services, so you know what’s involved.

What Are LTL Services?

So what does “LTL” mean, exactly? The abbreviation stands for “Less Than Load”, which means that an LTL freight truck carries less than a full load of a customer’s products.

Does this mean that the truck is partially empty? No, not necessarily. It just means that the truck probably carries several smaller loads from several customers at a time.

LTL shipping is the process of sending several small loads on a truck or shipping container along a delivery route. The driver will make stops along the route to deliver the truck’s contents to their respective recipients.

Sometimes, a CDL driver will take shipments to a drop-off point where another driver picks them up. The second driver then distributes them in a localized geographical area, while the original driver continues on to other destinations with the remaining cargo.

Who Uses LTL Shipping?

LTL logistic services are great for companies that have to send many frequent small-sized shipments. They’re also practical for companies that must split up shipments into several stages due to weight requirements.

LTL trucking companies often specialize in expedited shipping, where small quantities have to get delivered ASAP. For example, this could include medical devices shipped alone and product components shipped at the last minute.

How is LTL Shipping Cost Determined?

When it’s time to get an LTL freight quote, companies find that all prices are pre-determined. Things like weight, size, and expedited or standard shipping all factor into the shipping cost.

The best thing is that you only pay for the amount of space you use. If you need one pallet’s worth of space, that’s all you have to pay for, regardless of how much other freight is on the same truck.

Making LTL Services Work for You

So now you know the basics about LTL services and how the LTL shipping process works.

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If you’re a manufacturer, you can save time and money by shipping this way, which means you can pass on the savings to your customers. If you are a licensed CDL driver, knowing how LTL works will give you an edge professionally.

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