A Guide to Finding Trucking Jobs for Owner Operators

There's a current shortage in the truck driving industry that's expected to double by 2028. This is amazing news for those looking to break into the industry or increase their workload. People who own their trucks are at an advantage since they have much more flexibility regarding who they work for. Not everyone understands how to [...]

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Profit on the Road: How Do Trucking Owner-Operators Make Money

Trucking owner-operators play a crucial role in transporting goods across the country in freight delivery. As independent business owners, they are responsible for managing their operations, finding loads, and turning miles into money. If you're intrigued by becoming a successful trucking owner-operator, understanding how they make money is key to your potential success in the [...]

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Breaking down the Cost Savings of Choosing a Lease-To-Purchase Truck

Are you ready to accelerate your business's growth without the heavy lift of a massive initial investment? Imagine acquiring the latest trucks for your fleet, all while keeping your cash flow healthy. With around 3.5 million truck drivers powering America, staying competitive requires smart financial strategies. A lease-to-purchase truck offers a golden opportunity to modernize your fleet [...]

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Owner Operator Trucking: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Trucks move almost 73% of the United States' freight by weight. Owner-operator trucking is a career path where individuals own and operate their commercial trucks. They do this instead of working for a trucking company. Are you wondering if owner-operator trucking is worth it? Understanding the pros and cons of this profession is crucial. Read on to [...]

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5 Compelling Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

According to the latest data, more than 3.5 million Americans work as truck drivers. Imagine a job that combines the excitement of travel with the stability of a steady income. Truck driving is an often-overlooked career that offers this unique blend. As a professional truck driver, you get the stability of a constant demand for your skills, [...]

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5 Benefits of a Lease-to-Own Truck Driving Job

Imagine this: you're cruising down the highway, the boss of your own destiny, in a truck that's yours. This isn't a far-fetched dream; it's the reality of a lease-to-own truck-driving job. In this unique career path, you're not just a driver; you're an entrepreneur paving your way to financial freedom and personal achievement. It's a [...]

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How to Find and Apply for the Best Truck Driving Jobs Near Me

Finding the right truck driving job can make a big difference in how happy you are with your work. This blog will help you learn how to find the best truck driving jobs nearby and give you tips on how to apply successfully. We'll break down what to do before and after Googling 'truck driving [...]

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What to Expect in a CDL Driving Job Interview

During the pandemic, a truck driver had the pick of the litter for a CDL driving job. Trucking companies would hire anyone with a pulse. Post-pandemic, though, prospects are a bit more slim. Like any job, you can't expect freight companies to hand you a position on a platter. You have to earn it. There's no [...]

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5 Advantages of Working for Established Trucking Companies

There were over two million trucking jobs in 2021, with a projected 4% growth by 2031. It is also simple to make a career switch to become a truck driver with minimal requirements like a commercial driver's license (CDL) and a high school diploma. However, if you have experience, finding established trucking companies to work for [...]

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5 Tips to Advance Your Truck Driving Career Prospects

If you're just getting started as a trucker, you might be thinking, "What does a truck driving career look like?" It's brighter than you might think! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 4% increase in the employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers from 2021 to 2031. This rate of growth is roughly [...]

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