6 Essential Questions to Ask Freight Companies

Every day, the transportation system in the United States is responsible for moving around 50 million tons of freight, with a value of more than $53 billion. These statistics highlight the immense importance and value that freight companies have for the national economy. If you are planning to transport cargo, it's essential that you partner [...]

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Hot Shot Trucks: Advantages of Hot Shot Delivery

Transporting heavy freight from one area to the next presents all sorts of challenges. Oftentimes, these challenges can be difficult to combat on one's own. Many times, however, they can be combatted with the help of hot shot trucks. Wondering what a hot shot truck is? Curious about how shot delivery and its many advantages? [...]

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Analyzing the Benefits of Freight Truck Delivery for Small Business

The trucking industry generated $791.7 billion in revenue in 2019. For small businesses, freight truck delivery can be a game-changer, providing access to larger markets, greater flexibility, and cost savings. Whether you're shipping products across town or the country, freight truck delivery can offer a reliable and efficient transportation option. In this article, we'll explore [...]

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The Benefits of LTL Shipping for Your Small Business

Did you know that half of businesses fail within the first five years? Businesses fail for a variety of reasons, but they often involve a substantial loss of money. Shipping freight can make you lose a lot of money if you're always wasting money on unused truck space. Regular shipping can also be slow and [...]

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How Does Hot Shot Delivery Work?

Have you ever needed a delivery in a few hours but didn't have the resources to get it on time? Well, the days of stressing about slow shipments are over. There are around 13 million trucks operating in the United States. Many of those are driven by hotshot drivers. If you're not familiar with LTL [...]

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3 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The trucking industry powers America's economy. With over 70% of America's freight being moved by truck, trucking is essential for getting your goods into stores and into the hands of consumers. However, delays can be costly when things go wrong, and your relationship with your customers and vendors can be at risk. But if you [...]

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What Are Cross-Docking Delivery Services?

Did you know that 66% of Americans would stop ordering from a company after receiving a late delivery?  It's no secret that same-day delivery spoils us and offers instant satisfaction. However, not every business can function by offering same-day services.  If your business is in need of freight delivery services, you need to learn the [...]

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Trucking Companies: Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring One

Trucking companies are in demand from both sides of the spectrum. It seems like there is always a shortage of truck drivers, and when there is, it can be difficult to find good ones. On the other hand, many businesses rely on trucks to get their products from one place to another. So, how do [...]

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How Cross-Docking Is Good For Deliveries

Keeping a business moving at today's speed requires help from many sources. For example, freight companies have become much more than transporters of goods. As a result, the cross-dock industry in the United States expects to grow by more than $140 billion by 2030. Yet, the value of cross-dock delivery is not always understood. With [...]

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What Is LTL Freight Shipping and How Can It Help Your Business?

Did you know the latest stats reveal that trucks deliver 71% of all goods in North America? Without trucks and truckers, store shelves would be nearly empty! You may not think that much about it unless your company needs a shipping solution to get your goods to market. Are you struggling to ship goods when you [...]

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