How Does Hot Shot Delivery Work?

Have you ever needed a delivery in a few hours but didn't have the resources to get it on time? Well, the days of stressing about slow shipments are over. There are around 13 million trucks operating in the United States. Many of those are driven by hotshot drivers. If you're not familiar with LTL [...]

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How Lease to Own Programs Can Help You Start Your Own Trucking Company

Did you know that the trucking industry in the United States is worth over $273 billion? Even in a digital world, products need to get to where they have to go. That is where a trucking company comes in because they can deliver the necessary products and materials for businesses. You may recognize this about [...]

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How to Break Into Refrigerated Trucking (And Build Your Own Business)

Did you know that the American refrigerated shipping market size grew to $12.2 billion in 2023? Retailers rely on long-haul refrigerated shipping to get the goods they need, fill orders on time, and keep their customers happy. That makes this indispensable industry a perfect fit for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a new business. We've [...]

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3 Common Freight Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The trucking industry powers America's economy. With over 70% of America's freight being moved by truck, trucking is essential for getting your goods into stores and into the hands of consumers. However, delays can be costly when things go wrong, and your relationship with your customers and vendors can be at risk. But if you [...]

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Lease to Own Trucking: 7 Benefits of Owning Your Own Truck

You've dreamed of owning your own truck-driving business for years, and you're serious about making that dream a reality in 2023. Smart thinking. Research shows that the demand for tractor-trailer drivers is expected to grow by 4% between 2021 and 2031. Fortunately, you can easily break into the industry with minimal upfront costs through lease-to-own [...]

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5 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Did you know that there are more than 1.4 million truck drivers in the United States?  From enticing job security to the freedom of the road, it is no wonder why being a truck driver is a popular occupation. With a lot of great benefits, discover a career path that may be perfect for you. [...]

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Top 8 Benefits of a Lease to Own Truck Program

For many businesses, looking for ways to save money and make wise investments is critical. But your business type can make some investments more lucrative than others. Companies responsible for freight and other delivery services should consider joining a lease-to-own truck program. But why exactly? For starters, your business can benefit from improved cash flow [...]

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How to Become a Truck Driver

Truck driving is one of the most in-demand professions in the United States. According to the American Trucking Association, there is an existing shortage of roughly 80,000 drivers. Truck drivers are critical to the nation's infrastructure. They deliver food, supplies, and other important items from coast to coast. The fact that new drivers are urgently [...]

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4 Benefits of Owning Your Own Truck

Truck drivers make as much as $77,000 annually, and that's not the only reason to get into this field! There are plenty of reasons to love being a trucker. For starters, you get to see the country and experience all sorts of different scenery. You're also your own boss, which means you can make your [...]

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What Are Cross-Docking Delivery Services?

Did you know that 66% of Americans would stop ordering from a company after receiving a late delivery?  It's no secret that same-day delivery spoils us and offers instant satisfaction. However, not every business can function by offering same-day services.  If your business is in need of freight delivery services, you need to learn the [...]

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