As soon as you ask yourself whether there is a better way of doing something, there usually is. This question is often borne out of frustration after witnessing inefficient ways of doing things.

So, if you have asked that question about shipments, the answer is yes, there is a better way of managing your shipments – and it could save you money.

The solution is to opt for a consolidation freight. Do you want to know more about consolidation freights and why it can save you money? Read on to learn some of the money-saving benefits.


You Can Access Better Rates


When you opt for consolidation, you can access better, more competitive rates. That’s because combining shipments into larger loads is more cost-effective.

They optimize space and other resources and are easier to organize via more efficient packing methods. Plus, carriers aren’t paying for oversized containers they don’t need. So it’s a preferable option all around.

That means even small businesses can enjoy the same economies of scale as larger companies when shipping at high volume. Those lower rates can lead to substantial savings over time.


It Means a Lower Handling Fee


Handling fees are charges for processing shipments-they cover things like loading, unloading, and transferring them from place to place.

Consolidation helps merge multiple shipments in one load, reducing the number of shipments and, thus, the handling involved.

That’s why you face lower handling fees for these types of shipments. Plus, consolidating reduces the risk of damage and delays to goods, making handling more efficient and leading to long-term cost savings.


It Optimizes Trailer Space


The lowest shipping costs happen when you can optimize trailer space. It maximizes every inch of the trailer, including height. It’s easier when you have fewer consolidated shipments.

Trucking companies have advanced technology to help place their shipments.

These tools go by the dimensions and weights of the shipments to ensure the loading is efficient and weight-balanced.

When you think about the practicality of this – like stacking pallets, it’s easy to understand that larger, more uniform shipments help make this optimization process easier.

A more straightforward planning process can also help bring down shipment costs.


Freight Cost Savings Via Reduced Risks


Shipments may be well-planned and highly streamlined.

Nevertheless, there is always the risk of damage or loss. This risk adds to the overall cost of shipments via higher insurance premiums, not to mention the time cost of replacing lost goods.

Consolidation helps reduce the risk of damage or missing items since there is minimal handling. That lowers your long-term shipping costs and gives you peace of mind.

You can avoid other business hassles of damaged and lost goods, like unhappy customers or reputational harm.


A Stronger Negotiating Position


A higher volume of goods means a stronger negotiation position, which can help bring down overall costs.

Consolidation pools multiple shipments together. It treats them as one high-volume item. That helps strengthen a negotiation for lower rates throughout each aspect of the supply chain.

That negotiation might cover the shipping rates. You could experience other benefits, too.

For example, you could enjoy higher service levels or faster shipping times. These discounts can make shipping cheaper and more efficient.


It’s a Simpler Admin Process


Don’t forget that admin and documentation take time and add to your shipping cost. Consolidation can be beneficial in this respect by reducing the documentation required, thus helping reduce overall costs.

You typically need separate paperwork for each shipment, so fewer shipments mean fewer documents to complete.

You can reduce the load on your admin team and allow them to work on other parts of your business instead. This reduced paperwork also makes it easier to track your shipment.


Cargo Consolidation Offers Better Transit Times


Consolidation gives you access to the most efficient shipment routing. Stops along the route are minimized. So you can benefit from faster transit times. That has an impact on the cost.

This means less fuel consumption, which can save money. It also means lower labor costs and a quicker turnaround.

An efficient transit time helps your business look efficient, positively impacting your company image. It reduces complaints about delays. Happy customers and fewer complaints can translate to lower long-term costs.


Access to New Markets


Lower shipment costs via consolidation make it more viable for exploring new markets, like shipping across borders.

When consolidating multiple shipments for that location, you won’t need to worry about unusual destinations or a prohibitive cost.

It’s a chance to grow your business and explore new opportunities that might not have been previously available. And you can do this without taking on the financial risk of expanding to a new location.


It’s a More Sustainable Approach to Business Logistics


Sustainability is about more than branding your business as eco-friendly. It’s also more efficient. Thus, it can bring cost savings to your business. For example, you will cut down on fuel and your emissions.

That could even help you meet regulatory targets on sustainability. So, while it boosts your reputation, it could help you avoid certain regulatory charges or fines associated with transporting goods.

Operating a more sustainable business could open up new opportunities in markets, locations, or customer demographics.


It’s a More Flexible Arrangement


A flexible shipping arrangement can save you massive costs. You can offer tailored solutions to customers, whether that’s timescales or destinations.

You also have the flexibility to find the lowest-cost shipping arrangements for your business, customize them to suit your budget, or find the perfect balance between cost and speed.


Consolidation Freight: A Smart, Cost-Effective Choice


Consolidation freight is the perfect example of efficient logistics in the modern era. With streamlined freight services and supporting technology, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of consolidation.

Try it with your next shipment and see how it can help lower your business costs.

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