Did you know the latest stats reveal that trucks deliver 71% of all goods in North America? Without trucks and truckers, store shelves would be nearly empty!

You may not think that much about it unless your company needs a shipping solution to get your goods to market. Are you struggling to ship goods when you have less than a truckload?

There’s a term for that! It’s called LTL freight and that means less-than-a-truckload shipping.

Rather than pay high fees to haul a half-empty load, LTL freight shipping makes more sense. Keep reading for sane solutions to your freight shipping needs.

LTL Freight Shipping Explained

In these times of Covid, truck driver shortages, and supply-chain issues, you want your goods to get to market as quickly and inexpensively as possible. It’s hard getting a driver and truck if you don’t have a full load of freight to ship.

LTL freight is shipping your goods on the same truck as another shippers’ freight. This fills trucks to capacity and that makes more sense than paying full price for a half-empty truck.

Do you often have only one to six pallets? Do you ship less than 14 linear feet on a regular basis? LTL shipping is a great solution.

LTL Freight Shipping Increases Security and Adds Options

When you’re shipping LTL, you package your pallets before loading them on the truck. Well-packed pallets remain secure during shipping.

Depending on the shipper, you’ll have cross-docking options that offer a lot of flexibility. Want to consolidate shipments from your own truck to another that’s going in the right direction? Some companies offer short-term storage until the right truck is ready to ship your goods.

LTL trucking and shipping are good for both shippers and drivers. Drivers don’t sit around waiting on freight, and they can fill their trucks to capacity on outgoing and return trips.

LTL shippers offer you tracking options through PRO numbers, PO numbers, and bill of lading numbers. You’ll get a pickup and delivery date range that you can communicate to your customers.

Reduce Costs

Are you looking for shipping solutions that reduce costs? LTL doesn’t cost as much because you’re combining smaller shipments into one large shipment so you’re sharing the cost with other shippers. It also works better because of the current truck driver shortages.

LTL shipping costs a small fraction of the costs for shipping a full load or a half-empty load.


LTL shipping is also more environmentally friendly. Instead of sending twice as many half-empty trucks out on the road, combining smaller loads into one means fewer trucks on the road.  That’s much better for the environment.

LTL Freight Shipping Is a Great Option for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business looking for good shipping solutions, check out LTL freight shipping options. LTL shipping gets your small load to its destination with reduced costs and no hassle. LTL shipping is also secure and a great eco-conscious option.

Are you looking for a better shipping solution? Get an LTL freight quote today!